For Soon-To-Be Weds!

It’s our first ever post, and we would like to share some simple tips to help our newly weds with their wedding planning.
Wedding is a very important and significant event for two individuals. A perfect wedding is every couple’s dream. Nothing should spoil it. Nothing should ruin it. Like any other flawless event, wedding should be immaculately planned. Wedding also needs to be unique, custom and personal.

Attention needs to be paid to every minute detail; from cake to dress and from location to decoration.
The first thing which comes in mind as a prospective bride is Wedding Gown. The gown must be such that it leaves the guests awestruck when the bride walks down the aisle. Though people give enough importance to the dress, the footwear usually does not get the attention it deserves. As important as the gown and heels are, don’t underestimate the power of accessories. A well chosen accessory like necklace or earrings can enhance the look manifolds.
Bridesmaid’s bouquet needs to be flawless and match the whole attire so that it contributes to create a dreamy and magical wedding experience.

Cake is a very important part of the wedding. The cake must match the theme of the event or if you like to be unique, your cake can also be customized to show your personality. If it’s a destination wedding, don’t forget to incorporate its touch or flavor in your cake.
As soon as the wedding date is finalized, rush to book your dream venue. A beautiful location is a must for any memorable wedding.

Decoration is always an integral part of any event and more so of a wedding. An eye catching centerpiece adds drama and elegance. A good example is a ceiling high bouquet of red roses, white lilies and pink orchids along with suspended tea lights and glittering streamers. An interesting entrance sets the tone for the whole event. This should be given an equal thought. Food and beverages are an important part too. Having at least one favorite item of both bride and groom on the menu gives the celebration a special touch. If you can add the story behind your favorites; it will add that interesting twist too.

With all the effort involved in planning the wedding, it cannot be afforded to forget even a single moment. Wedding album is a thing to cherish forever. You must add fun elements to some of your wedding photograph for an offbeat album.

Don’t forget to express your gratitude for all the guests who were a part of your joy and blessed you on your special day. It may be via a simple thank you speech or a small gift. Last but not the least, a surprise gift for one’s partner acts like a pretty cherry on top of all the excitement and happiness and will make it an affair to remember.

We hope that these tips does help you in your wedding planning.
We also come across a video that shares more about wedding planning. It is a video by an experienced wedding planner, and there are some important tips you can take note to prepare for your dream day.

If you enjoy our first article, we hope to provide you more with information about wedding planning. Some big wedding websites we do follow include TheKnot & WeddingBlogs100. They are also good sites that you can check out.

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