Cruel to Be Kind | Learn To Approach Question

A friend of mine was telling me if I want girls to like me I have to use “negs”. At first I didn’t agree with what he was saying that after he explained the eye could see why these would work.

The first girl I spoke to I told her she shouldn’t drink beer because it was fattening and she needed to lose some weight, later that night I was talking to another girl and I told her my grandmother has the same outfit as she had on.
At the end of the night I was talking to a girl who was waiting for her friends so I said to her with her body odor she is lucky to have friends. None of these girls seemed interested in me what did I do wrong? Do you use “negs” when you approach women.
My Thoughts: Okay just a couple of initial thoughts. First of all leave your friend has absolutely no idea what a “neg” is or you totally misunderstood what he was saying. It’s also quite apparent that though you didn’t mention it you don’t live in Australia, because if you did somewhere in your question you would have written I am writing this from a hospital bed.

When I first received this question I must admit I was a little bit hesitant to publish it as I thought nobody could be stupid enough to say the above things to women, but have to giving it some thought and remembering what I’ve seen over the years I figured it could be possible.
If you want to know what you did wrong when you were speaking to these women your answer is in your question, he told one woman she was fat and out of she had no fashion sense and the last one she smelt. Now I don’t want to be too hard on you because maybe you actually thought you were doing the right thing.
If you want to “neg” women man you need to tone it down actually you need to tone it right down. Put yourself into the woman’s position some guy she’s never met starts insulting her and then wants her phone number. A “neg” is meant to be a throw away comment that has some humor to it, what you said was not funny it was just plain insulting. Also it’s very important to understand that tonality is extremely important, in other words it’s not what you say is how you say it. Do I use “negs” when I first meet a woman? Yes I do but it depends on the woman what sort of “neg” I would use. For example if I was talking to a very confident woman I might throw two or three “negs” in when I first meet her. On the other hand if I was speaking to a woman who was very shy and lacks confidence I would never use a “neg”
the best advice I can give you is if you’re first starting out focus a lot less on “negs” and put more attention into being able to meet women without using them.