Dating Tips 40 – 59 40. Mysterious.

Some people love dating a mysterious person since they love to slowly uncover things about him or her, as they go on more dates; and, this is especially true to most women.

Being mysterious means that you give your date an idea about what you are, but you are not going into more details about it. It leaves them a feeling of hanging, in which they would want to know you more.
41. Learn how to read palms.
Becoming a palm reader can impress your date, aside from the fact that it can give you a chance to hold her hands. Reading your date’s palms would create a more relaxed atmosphere, between you and her. Thus, it can pave the way to more interesting conversations. Aside from that, it can also make her more comfortable of the fact that you are touching her.
42. Be polite but don’t overdo it.
Although opening doors to a woman is indeed a polite thing to do, it is best that you don’t overdo it. This is because women today do not want to feel like they are helpless persons. Thus, it is best if you do it with caution from this day on, so that you won’t be offending your date, by being too polite.
43. Business cards.
If you want your dates to have something that he or she can remember you with, then you should bring with you a number of business cards when you go out with them. Although the best thing to do to be remembered well is to impress your date, having business cards can also provide a unique impression.
44. Doing little things.
If you have been dating someone for quite some time already and you want to make him or her feel special, then you should do little things for your date. Giving her a flower from time to time, or treating him for a snack would go a long way, as far as cultivating your relationship is concerned.
45. Never stalk.
When you have gone out with a person whom you really like and you want to see him or her more, it is not a good idea to stalk them. This is because, it can become quite uncomfortable for a person to see his or her date, on every place that they visit. If you want to see your date more, then you should establish contact with them, and see if he or she is still interested.
46. Dancing.
Learning how to dance would give you lots of benefits, aside from gaining a more flexible body. It can actually help in impressing your date. A man can easily become impressed if he sees that his potential partner is a good dancer, since it shows him how sexy she can be. Aside from that, dancing with each other can create a more comfortable environment between the two persons.
47. The things you need to know on the first date.
There are lots of things that you need to know about your date on the first time you go out with them. One of which would be his or her dislikes, since it can save you headaches. Aside from that, it is very important to know if he or she is currently involved with someone or is married, so that you would know if he or she is worth your time.
48. Starting or keeping a conversation going.
There are lots of things that you can say in order to start or keep a conversation going. One of the things that you can do is to compliment her. Aside from that, you can also ask your date about how their day went by. Moreover, asking questions, especially those that may require your date an explanation about his or her answer is also a good idea.
49. Making compliments.
For a man, making compliments on the woman he is dating is one of the best ways to make her feel appreciated. This is because women in most cases, share a fear about not being attractive on certain occasions. Therefore, if you want to make your date more comfortable with you, then you should compliment how her hair looks like, how her perfume smells so good, and such.
50. Be successful.
If you have gone through a good number of dates already, you would realize that in most cases, topics in a conversation can include where you have been, what you have achieved, and many more. Thus, if you have attained success in life, then there is a good chance that your date would be impressed by your life story.
51. No sex talks.
No sex talks should be a rule that you need to follow, especially in first dates. This is because first and second dates are usually the time when you get to know the other person, who can be your potential boyfriend or girlfriend. Talking about sex might give the wrong impression about your intentions, which can make the other person feel uncomfortable.
52. Be nice.
Being nice can mean a lot of things, especially for a guy. Nice can mean desirable, normal, presentable, trustable, helpful, or friendly; and, lots of women are actually on the lookout for the nice guys. Thus, taking note of these things can help you make a good impression on your dates.
53. What to do with your apartment.
Whether you are a boy or a girl, you need to come up with an apartment that makes you look more mature, especially if you are approaching a stage, where you are planning to invite your date inside. The apartment should be tidy and clean, and it should be free from posters. Instead, decorate your apartment in a more mature way, and get it organized well, so that you can impress your date.
54. Calling him or her.
If he or she gives you their contact number after a date, you should not call them a day after. Calling just a day after your date is too soon, which can scare your date away. It gives an impression that you are too eager in listening to his or her voice. Thus, it is best if you give him or her a call only after 2 to 4 days after you meet them for the first time.
55. Make memories.
If you are dating the girl of your dreams, make sure to do something that would make memories. You might be glad that you were able to strike a stimulating conversation with her at the bar, but it may not be enough for your date to be memorable. To achieve that, you should do something different, such as bringing her to the zoo, to a circus, or even just a nice walk in the park.
56. Dating is discovering.
Dating is actually a stage in a relationship where you would begin to discover certain things about an individual. Thus, it is best that you have a good conversation with your date, so that you would be able to know him or her better. Knowing your date better would offer you a chance to see if you really are compatible or not.
57. Sharing common values.
Dating can provide you a chance to know whether you and your date share common values. Although sexual chemistry and sharing common interests are two important things to get started on a relationship, sharing common values is much more important, since it can cultivate a more lasting relationship. Thus, it is best that you take advantage of dating to find out more about it.
58. Dating is not something like a vocation.
Dating is not a vocation. Therefore, one of your main objectives in dating should be to have fun in meeting new people. It is not something that you need to do in order to have a life. Although there are lots of things that you need to take note of when it comes to dating, it shouldn’t be treated as something that you really need to perform well on. Thus, have some fun, so that you can be yourself in dating.
59. Never date when you are not over your ex.
If you are not over your ex yet, then you should not go on dates. This is because your emotions can end up destroying all your dates. You might engage into self-pity while you are talking with your dates, aside from talking all about your ex and his or her shortcomings. Thus, make sure that you are completely over your ex prior to dating, so that your potential partners won’t avoid you.