Hooking Up or Finding Love, What’s The Difference?

Guys, let’s face it; if we see a beautiful woman, most of us go weak in the knees, it simply built into our genetics. And looking back across my successes (yeah and failures), I’ve learned a few things that you might like to hear, whether you put them into practice or not is up to you.
Now I’m not going to say that if I see a BEAUTIFUL BABE, I’m not going to go after her, I just might (and likely that’s the same for a lot of you), but the question you have to ask yourself is simply this, are you interested in hooking up for the night, or finding someone you can spend some serious time with. If it’s the one… then go for it… but if you’re looking something more long term, here are the dangers signs to look out for.

1. Is she OVERLY superficial and caring only about money? If she is, then while a weekend in Vegas might be fun, it’s probably not going to be (unless you have deep pockets and don’t care) a long term thing.

2. Is she interested in you, or simply what you can for her? When you are having a conversation, is she actually interested in what you have to say? Does she care about your career and goals, or simply interested in having a good time. Good times are fine (had plenty) but those days will pass, what happens on the «bad days», will she still be there for you?

There are plenty of F. I. N. E. women out there (use the contact form if you don’t know what F. I. N. E. stands for), but there are also women who are fine, for me, I’m choosing the later. Why? Well c’mon, while sex is great and hooking up is a great past time, you can’t stay in bed 24/7 (at least not for the long term), what does she have besides that heavenly body and long legs, what makes her tick as a person.

Women often say to us guys, they’d like us to listen to them, and well we should, but the reverse is also true, they need to listen to us. Man or woman, we are all humans and desire communication, yeah and love too, so the being sensitive thing, while important, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t voice our own opinions…. C’mon, we’re guys and while times have changed (and will continue to do so), there is still a little bit of the courageous warrior in each of us, and women want that guy, as well as the sensitive side.
Find a woman you can listen to, but also one that will listen to you also.