How to Create Sexual Tension With a Woman – Do These 3 Things

Let’s start this off explaining what sexual tension is because a lot of guys hear that they need to create sexual tension with a woman they like – and then they give that quizzical look like they are not quite sure exactly what sexual tension is.
What is sexual tension?
It’s that feeling that two people share when they know deep down that they want to do something physical with one another,  but for whatever reason,  they hold back from actually doing it.
Why do you need to create that feeling with a woman?
Because when real sexual tension is present between you and her – and she is not in a relationship or anything like that – it’s pretty easy to find a way to «relieve» that tension and actually have something happen between you and her.  Another way that I like to put it is without that without sexual tension between a man and a woman – basically you get a fast pass to the friend zone more often than not.  It’s also the quickest way to create sexual attraction with a woman you like.

So,  how are you going to be able to create sexual tension with a woman?

1.  She needs to not know exactly where she stands with you just yet.
You want to know how to destroy any chance at being able to make a woman feel sexual tension with you?  It’s when you let her know that you like her and that she can have you any time that she wants to.  All mystery is gone,  all tension is released and nothing physical even happened.  Giving her that unsure feeling of «does he like me as more than friends or just friends» is the way to go here.  That keeps the possibility for sexual tension alive and well.

2.  You have to learn to pace yourself as well.

By pacing,  I mean – you kind of have to learn to be the one in control here.  And you mostly do that by keeping that mystery of her not knowing exactly where she stands alive until you are really ready to make your move with her.   A lot of guys will get themselves into a situation where they’ve created a little bit of sexual tension – and then they lose it all by not pacing themselves.  That is usually when you get those «I don’t know what happened,  things were going so good» kind of situations.

3.  You have to master the art of using push/pull as a way to build massive sexual tension with a woman.

What’s push/pull?  The simplest way to explain it,  is when it looks like you are making a move and then you kind of take it back at the last moment.  An example of this that you’ve probably seen in movies is when the guy is about to kiss the woman and everyone can tell that she is waiting to be kissed and then he pulls away at the last moment.  There are OTHER ways of using push/pull to create sexual tension that will really get her to the point where she can’t wait for you to just make that move.