How to Get Dates With Women – Tips to End Up With a Date Sooner Than You Think

For some reason, it seems like getting a date with a woman you are really turned on by is pretty complicated. Seems like whatever you try to do to impress a woman or get a date with her, it just fizzles out and you end up as you were before, alone and without a date. Did you ever stop to think that maybe,   just maybe it could be easier than you make it out to be? Did you ever wonder why some guys get dates without putting in much of any effort at all? I bet you did.

These are a few dating tips that are surely going to help you start getting dates with women:

  1. Focus on looking for a date in places that you don’t normally think of.
    I spent some time in a small town when I was younger, and I have to tell you, if that is where you live,   then you have to expand your horizons by a LOT. One of the things that will always be an obstacle for anyone, male or female, is just how large the dating pool where you live really is. You may have to adjust your game plan and start looking outward if it seems like you can’t find any cool women that you want to date.
  2. Almost all women are really interested in guys who are not boring.
    How excited does a person get at the thought of eating vanilla ice cream? Not very excited at all, right. Well, to be honest, most guys are a lot like vanilla ice cream. They are boring to most women. If you are having a hard time getting dates with women, then you may have to admit to yourself that you are kind of boring. That’s okay, though, because you can make some easy shifts that make you seem a little more lively, a little more interesting. One of the things that can do this almost immediately is to become more physically active. Go on hikes, travel to different places. These are all little things that you can do that will make you seem less boring to a woman.
  3. If you are interested in a woman, don’t be so obvious about it.
    You have to learn where the balance is with this one. Too casual about things and you can wind up being just another nice guy she knows. Too obvious and you become that love sick guy that she cannot get away from, though she wants to. Find your balance with a woman and lead her on and then make her wonder. Scramble up your signals a little. That kind of thing that really jack up a woman’s interest in a guy really fast.