How to Get Out of the «Friend Zone» With a Guy You Really Want to Date

If you are stuck in the «friend zone» with a guy you really want to date, then I can take a wild guess and assume that you probably are looking for things to change. It’s more than just confusing to feel this way about a guy who is just a friend of yours. It can also end up hurting you. If he starts to talk to you about another woman he is dating, you have to kind of put on an act, like you are okay with it when really– you want to be the woman he is dating. Is there any way that you can get yourself out of the friend zone with a guy you really want to date or are you destined to be stuck there for good?

Quite often when you hear about being stuck in the friend zone, it almost always has to do with guys feeling this way. Sure, it probably does happen more often to guys, but it also does happen to women as well. You probably know that by now, though. There are some things that you can do to help yourself slide out of that friend zone, but there are no absolute guarantees that it will turn out exactly the way that you want it to.

Here is what you can do if you are stuck in the friend zone with a guy you really want to date:

  1. You have to stop enjoying being his friend so much.
    It might sound a little strange to think that it will actually help if you stop enjoying being his friend, but listen up. As long as he can come to you to seek out advice about other women, or to confide in you the way that only friends do… he’s going to assume that you are cool with just being friends and even though he may like you and maybe even think about you as being more– he probably will never cross the line and do anything about it. As long as the friendship gives him what he wants and needs, he’s going to want to stay friends with you.
  2. You have to let him know that you like him more than just a friend.
    Until you start to give him some hints that maybe you like him as more than just a friend, then the dynamics between the two of you are always going to be the same. You are going to have to let him know that you think he is cute, that you think he is a good guy, but more importantly… that you would love to be more than just a friend to him. You may want to be subtle about this at first, but after a while, you are going to have to come on a little stronger with your flirtations with him.
  3. You also have to know that most guys will consider dating a woman who is just a friend.
    Guys are a little easier to convince to cross the line between friendship and more than friends than women are. That can be a good thing for you, because there is a really good chance that he thinks about being more than just your friend from time to time. It’s not uncommon for guys to have fantasies about dating a woman who is their friend, so the odds that you can convince him to date you are actually pretty good. Keep that in mind when you think about turning the relationship into something more than what it is right now.