How to Meet Women – 3 Possible Places to Find New «Prospects»

As a single guy, one of the most obvious obstacles that you are going to have to deal with is simply meeting women. Anyone that has been single for about a minute knows that it’s not always the easiest thing to do. If you are a very busy person, with work and other responsibilities, it can be downright hard to meet someone new. And, if your lifestyle choices are not the kind that make it easy to meet new people (i. e. you are against drinking, and all the places to meet people in your town or city are centered on drinking), then you might find that it is REALLY difficult to meet someone new.

So, if you want to get more opportunities to meet women, then this is one thing that you need to get handled A. S. A. P. Failing to do this will only lead to many more LONELY nights, and you can do all that you can to learn about what women want or how to make a woman attracted to you… but it will be for nothing if you don’t actually get opportunities to use what it is that you learn.

Let me help you out a little bit by exploring 3 possible places that you can go to find new prospects, or simply… to meet women:

  1. Join a gym, get fit, and socialize.
    Some guys never go to a gym in their life. Others go purely for the workout and don’t care a thing about mingling. However, if you are struggling to meet women, then this is a perfectly fine place to do just that. And the best part is… you can do the proverbial «killing 2 birds with 1 stone.» Not only are you helping yourself out by getting in shape (workout if you join a gym!), but there are many women that you can chit chat with and you will already know that they are in pretty good shape.
  2. Become ACTIVE in your community.
    This is a good way to make sure that you are meeting women who actually live near you. There’s nothing worse than meeting a great gal only to find out that she lives hours away from you. Well, if you become active in your community in any way, then the women that you meet will most likely be from YOUR community. The cool thing is… chicks dig a guy who cares… so why not give them something to dig about YOU?
  3. Go back to school.
    Campuses are one of the EASIEST ways to meet women. All you have to do is walk around a typical campus for about 5 minutes and you will realize this. Why not take a class or two in your spare time?   Most women really find it sexy when a guy is trying to «better» himself,   and even if it is just for the sake of meeting women, you also get the opportunity to build up your social networking as well.