Seduction Tips for Men – Why Sometimes You Need to Tone it Down a Notch

It’s always kind of funny when you are either at a club or a bar or even a party and you spot a guy trying really hard to pick up a woman and he’s using all of the «hardcore» tactics that you find quite so often online. I’m talking, he’s got the black wristband on one wrist for no reason at all, the silver rock star chains hanging off of his neck, and he’s using one of those magic act routines that was played out 5 years ago. That kind of thing always gives me a chuckle, especially when the guy is trying to use it on a real hottie and you can tell that not only is it not working at all, but it is also something that she has already seen a lot of times before.

10 years ago, you could get away with stuff like that a lot more just due to the fact that it was «underground» stuff and you probably would have been one of the first guys to use those techniques. It had a WOW factor to it simply because it went against the grain of what all the other guys were doing. Well, that has changed a little bit. There’s been a spotlight put on a lot of those kinds of techniques and like anything else, it gets overdone and played out. 10 years ago you would have been the only one with a mack like that in most clubs. Now, you look around and you will see that there are several guys all trying the same thing.

Sometimes, the best advice that a guy can get on how to seduce a woman is… to turn it down just a notch.

One of the reasons why I love guys like that is for this one fact. Usually I will take a look, see that the woman is totally not feeling that style or that routine or whatever you want to call it and I know that in a few minutes I can make my move. Meaning, I can be the guy who comes in and «saves» her from that other guy, wristband and all, and now I got a lot of great material to make her laugh and at the same time… make her feel grateful that I stepped in when I did. Doing that kind of thing can really have an incredible effect and make it downright easy to build up enough rapport and attraction to end up with a pretty fun night.

You CAN over do it and just like anything else, when it is overdone… it’s no fun.
A big problem that many guys who use the generic pick up routine is that they end up just coming across like exactly that… a generic pick up artist. Most women don’t dream about meeting a guy like that, they dread it. And then it makes it EASY for a guy like me to swoop in, play the role of the «savior» in her eyes for a moment, and reap the benefits. Take it down a notch. Leave the wristband at home and the magic tricks for Criss Angel.

If you really want to get good at seducing women, learn the fundamentals first. Learn how to build rapport within minutes of meeting her. Learn how to tease her without being too «mean» about it. Learn how to amplify whatever sexual tension there is so that she is totally into the idea of hooking up.