10 tips for newly weds

Just marrieds are a like debut in relationship world. They are still learning the ups and downs of marriage. Human beings make mistakes and so in the case of marriage.

There are many mistakes which married couples make and they even don’t know what they are doing. They realize it when the marriage came to an end. The purpose of my article is that to let the newlyweds know about the common mistakes which can be made in ignorance. After knowing these mistakes it becomes easy to avoid these mistakes and build a healthy and happy relationship.

1) Are You Trying to Change Your partner?

If yes than stop this immediately, you married him or her in mature age it is very difficult to change his or her habits. Try to accommodate your partner as his or her unique identity. To love someone it is not necessary that he or she has same habits as you have, if so than it is useless to love others you love yourself as others will definitely have some change habits.

2) Be Polite To In-laws

If you truly love your spouse, you must be polite and friendly to your in-Laws as the only person who will hurt with your fight with in-laws is your spouse. You cannot erase your partner’s love from his/her family. It is natural that human being love blood relation so don’t try to cut off from your in –laws. Remember the birthdays of your In- Laws will make them happy and it will add strength to your relation.

3) Don’t be aggressive in an Argument

If you are getting aggressive in an argument with your spouse, it doesn’t mean you are going to win the argument; rather you are going to lose the relationship. Be polite and calm to resolve the differences. Aggressive attitude minimizes the love. Sometimes you have to give up in spite of being right it doesn’t mean failure your main purpose must be the winning of relationship but not the argument.

4) Ignoring the important Discussions

Many married couples avoid talking about money and children. They feel that this is not to talk issues. But these issues are more important. Both partners must talk about money expenditure and what to if they fail to have children. You are adult now these two are main issues of your life talk about them and resolve the problems.

5) Fighting on Useless Things

It is very hard truth of our lives that we fight on useless things while avoid the important one. What towel is left on bed while it was wet, why bathroom was wet when one of weds used that. These are not things to fight on; this is childish behavior so avoid fighting on such stuff.

6) Trust Your Spouse

Remember that your spouse selected you as a life partner so it is useless to suspect him or her all the time. People love to be trustworthy so trust your spouse and give him or her some space to feel free.

7) Remember you are not single

Some newlyweds don’t change their routine after marriage. They hang out with friends all the night and spouse remains alone at home. Remember you are committed with a person and don’t make him or her feel alone. It is the time to get close with each other.

 10 tips for newly weds

8) Start with A lot of Expenditure

Starting you wedding life with a lot of expenditure and bearing a huge amount of hotel bills is useless. Your relationship is for years not for days. So start with mutual understanding and intelligent expenditure.

9) Marriage is Not a Bed of Rosses

If you think that marriage is just bed of roses than change your mind. You have to bear some problems also but to have healthy and happy relationship you must cross those problems.

10) Understand your spouse’s unsaid feelings

Some times in new marriages other partner is failed to express the feelings. Absorb yourself in your partners love so that you understand the unsaid feelings of your spouse.